Prime Bins

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How It Works


While some prices like clothes and shoes stay the same, our bin prices change daily. It's important to check our monthly calendar on our website or Facebook page to find out what the pricing is for that day. On days we restock, the price will be higher, and go down from there.


We restock multiple times per week, as indicated on our calendar. This is your best chance at finding the best items, but, that doesn't mean you can't find gold on other days. There are so many items that go unfound


One thing to understand is no 2 visits look the same. We're a step into the unknown store. That's what makes this fun, you're always treasure hunting for the best items for you. You should continue to visit as you never know what you'll find next!

Your Guide to Shop Prime Bins!

Prime Bins is a unique retail shopping experience that combines the thrill of thrift stores, flea markets, Black Friday deals, and garage sale hunting. Since it’s a true treasure-hunting experience, we’ve created a guide so you know how to shop Prime Bins!

1. Check Our Monthly Calendar

Our prices vary daily due to new shipments. We restock our stores 3 times per week, that’s why it’s important to always keep an eye on our pricing calendar on our website or Facebook page. The higher-priced days mean we will have fresh, new items for you to sift through. Those are our most popular days. The calendar is also important as we host multiple special events throughout the year.

2. Arrive to the Store Early

We open at 10am daily and 9am on Fridays. For special events we open even earlier so be sure to check. Since we can’t control the stock we receive, it’s always important to arrive early, or someone else might beat you to your next, best deal. During our events, it’s common for a line to form outside as customers are eager to start another treasure hunting experience. The sooner you arrive the better the chances of finding those items worth $2-300+.

3. Grab A Cart & Go!

When you arrive in our store, there will be shopping carts by the door. We highly suggest grabbing a cart to start your shopping experience, because by the end of your journey that cart can be full! You don’t want to waste finding a great item by having to go back and get a cart. It’s best to keep moving from bin to bin as you don’t know what each bin contains. 

4. Start Filling Your Cart

It’s best to start filling your cart as you find items that are of interest to you. Even if you’re not sure if it works, you can always head to our testing station to try it out. If you leave it in a bin and attempt to go back and get it, there is a good chance it will be gone.

5. Celebrate Your Treasure Hunting Deals!

There is no better feeling than scoring a huge deal on a highly ticketed item. This is common at Prime Bins. We’ve seen customers pay $300 for over $3000 of value! Keep in mind you may not know what deal you came for that day but that’s the joy in this experience. You just never know what you are going to find!