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Premium Mystery Box

Buying a mystery box is a true treasure hunting experience. Our premium mystery box is unfiltered return items from Amazon. You can score big with the items you find in one of these boxes. You'll just never know what you are going to get. Are you ready for a surprise?


A premium mystery box from Prime Bins is a great deal. It’s a box filled with unfiltered return items to Amazn. Amazn is the top e-commerce site in the world. For the price of $75 you can get a box filled with these goods. You just never know what you are going to find. You might strike gold

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Premium Mystery Box

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No, that is what makes these fun. It's a true treasure hunting experience. The good thing about our Premium Mystery Boxes is that here at Prime Bins we don't open these to stock our store. They are truly unfiltered and could be filled with great items!

No, all sales of Mystery Boxes are final. There are no returns available. We suggest selling some items that you don't want on seller-friendly platforms. 

All of the items contained in the mystery box are from Amazon returns. They don't come from anywhere else.